Things Happen

Our heifers are scheduled to start calving about April 10th and the cows April 20th. At the end of February we were not expecting to see calves while feeding. But things happen.

We have had 3 calves so far. Two have lived, but one did not.  The two calves have done okay with the mild weather we have enjoyed over the last couple of days. Since it is not our regular calving season, we had not been checking regularly for those things.

We reviewed records from last spring and realized that a bull had gotten in with our cows last May. These cows were cycling and hence are now calving well in advance of the rest of the herd. This means they will have plenty of time to recover from calving for the breeding season this year.


While the end of February seems like it is too early to say spring is here. We saw Canadian Geese a couple days ago. So perhaps it is not too far off? Happy calving to everyone who is in the thick of things right now!

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