At Grant Ranch we strive to achieve the following in our day-to-day practice as well as in our future plans:

Stewardship & Sustainability

As a farm/ranch operation we strive to work and maintain a healthy relationship with the land.  We depend on the land for production, therefore maintaining a stable ecosystem is vital to this process.  The land is fragile and we recognize the complex level of grasses, wildlife, minerals and water systems that work together to create a balanced habitat.  It is our duty as stewards of the land to protect these systems and preserve them for future generations.


Grant Ranch has grown and developed through attention to detail and interest in local, regional and national agricultural interests.  It is our intention to be making informed decisions regarding our operation to optimize productivity and longevity of our resources.  Grant Ranch regularly participates in learning opportunities for management and staff to ensure best practices are followed and up-to-date.  We strive to be forward-thinking, life-long learners that have the best interests of our land, livestock, and livelihood at heart.

Community & Family Well-Being

As a family farm operation, the health and well-being of our families leads to success.  We believe in a healthy balance of hard work and recreational hobbies; engaging in and maintaining positive attitudes and spiritual growth; and participating in and enjoying a harmonious connection with our environment.

Grant Ranch also strives to participate in upholding the community spirit, through participation, volunteerism and support of local events, businesses and services.