June observations

We are out for a tour to check on grass availability for the cattle, asking the questions and looking for indicators. How much have these animals taken in the last 24 hours? Where in the field are they drawn to? How is the water source and solar panels keeping up in this cloudy weather? Was there much rain here recently? We are currently at less than average rainfall during our growing season so pasture resources are limited. This is how we will decide on the next move for this group.

We have been cutting hay for the last few days and when checking this morning some is ready to bale. we have moved the balers out to the field.

These fields would benefit from more moisture. Statistically we are still below average rainfall for the spring; grasshoppers are prevalent and eating their way across many fields. Yields will be reduced.

We will continue monitoring grass conditions as summer progresses and if necessary implement a drought plan.

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