Conferences, Connections & Cutting Edge Solutions

January and February tend to be conference season for producers, we call it the slower time on the farm but there to be so many things going on that isn’t really the case. Western Canadian Crop Production Show, Cropportunities, Saskatchewan Beef Industry Conference, provincial association meetings. And we try to take turns fitting in holiday’s as well. Not to mention hockey, curling, and dance competitions.

Conferences & Connections 

The world is a small place. Agriculture in any given province is a small world. Walking through the crowd at an event, is great place to keep in touch with people. Many of them we may only see once a year. It is an opportunity to catch up on their lives. We all have a common interest in agriculture and what is happening – politics, innovations. These are great places to pick up new idea’s or to refine an approach we tried last summer that didn’t go quite as planned.

Cutting Edge Solutions

Can cover crops be part of the solution to increasing fertility and reducing weed pressure? The discussions have been ongoing. In addition, we are updating our Environmental Farm Plan and registering a premise identification (part of Canada’s goal for a complete traceback system on cattle).

Preparing for the next growing season

In January we moved the combine in to complete a spring maintenance so we are ready when harvest comes, general tractor maintenance occurs, and a truck that hasn’t been running right is getting an overhaul. It is also bull buying season. On an annual basis we are updating and replacing bulls. In late February we gave ScourGuard to the bred heifers. ScourGuard is the vaccination of healthy, pregnant cows and heifers as an aid in preventing diarrhea in their calves.

We are looking for a Seasonal (May-August 2017) Livestock Technician, click here to learn more and apply.

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