Top posts of 2016

We want to thank everyone who has been following along as we started this blogging adventure in April. We have learnt much along the way and been overwhelmed with responses (being read in 10 countries). When we started, we thought it would be difficult to come up with anything to say every month, let alone every week. But 50 posts later we realize that there are so many more things to say that we don’t have time to type them all up.

Life in agriculture is unpredictable as weather interrupts, presenting opportunities to try new things. Every year has the same seasons, the same patterns; but every year is different. Different challenges, different markets, different opportunities.

Many thanks to all those who have worked with us this year, adapting to the many changes and challenges that agriculture presents. We appreaciate your enthusiasm and expertise and most particularly your commitment to make it all work.

Here are the most read posts of 2016.

  1. Rain, Rain, Rain and now Snow – Oct 5
  2. The New Kids on the Block – Nov 6
  3. ‘Branding’ spring processing of calves – June 28
  4. Weaning Calves for maximum health – Oct 23
  5. Let the Dust Fly – April 10
  6. Culling Cows: Why & When – Sept 5
  7. Poppin’ Up in Rows – May 2
  8. When Hay is not enough, Silage – July 11
  9. It’s Raining Calves – April 18
  10. Avoiding the fall cold… boostering calves – Sept 27

Merry Christmas & have a Happy New Year! See you for another adventurous year in 2017!

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