Rain, Rain, Rain and now Snow

It has been a difficult harvest for many. We have been blessed in that we finished harvest early; but we have neighbours and others across the province who are still harvesting.

It was a late harvest for many as crops did not mature. Even now there are green crops in the field, not ready to come off yet. We have received almost 4 inches of rain over the last four days. Rain has meant many cannot get into their fields. Now there is snow.


7:30 AM Oct. 5, 2016 from my deck at Val Marie

It is discouraging to watch crops deteriorate in the field knowing they are declining in quality. Many of these crops will no longer meet the requirements for human consumption and will be downgraded to feed for livestock. However, disease issues in some crops (mycotoxins like fusarium or ergot) mean that some will need to be blended (to reduce the concentration) to be acceptable even as livestock feed.

While we need rain to grow crops and more rain usually means a big crop that we all look forward to. Too much rain is not good. The timing of rain is critical – 5 inches of rain spread throughout June and July are marvellous; but 5 inches of rain the end of August damages mature crops standing in the field.

While we appreciate the current rain on pastures we sympathize for all those who are not yet done harvest.

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