Poppin’ Up in Rows

SJG-9917-webAll operations are in full swing here at Grant Ranch!  We started off slow this week, with some much needed rain (not so much needed snow).  However, all hands are on deck as the weather has been increasingly nice!

SJG-8879-webCalves are running everywhere!  And the seed is starting to grow into this year’s crop.


Barley making its debut

We have 50% of the ground seeded, and some of the first barley can be seen in nice neat rows.


But watching the barley grow is only part of what has happened so far this week:

We have moved cows and calves to new grass so they can enjoy the fresh greens in the sunshine. The breeding heifers were processed ready to go to grass.


Repairing the scale

Processing consisted of weighing (to determine gain over winter), and vaccinated against diseases they may be susceptible to while out on pasture (i.e. blackleg).The market heifers also were processed.  For them it consisted of weighing and vaccinating but ended abruptly when we had a glitch with the scale.

The air drill (and its operator) finished seeding peas, and has started the fields of lentils. The new sprayer arrived this week and is already out keeping those weeds in check.


New sprayer on weed control

In an attempt to increase our accuracy and speed of spraying, it is our hope that the hydrostatic boom, larger tank, and smaller footprint left of the field will help. This week the fields are being prepared for mustard to grow.  This requires us to mix in a granular herbicide into the top layer of soil to aid in broadleaf weed control.  Mustard is fickle plant, and requires a very particular care regime in order to grow properly. The herbicide helps to ensure that as the mustard plant has little or no competition as it comes out.  As the diva of our crops, we try and cater to mustard’s every whim. 😉


Meadowlark on the fence

But most importantly, as we begin a new month here in the Southwest, we are blessed to hear the Meadowlark and other song birds from early in the morning until the sunsets.  Grasslands typically has over a hundred different birds passing through this month.


Crocus going to seed

Even though it is busy, and the days seem long, we enjoy those special moments with family, and welcoming our opportunities to pass along our love of agriculture to the next generation. The crocuses are fading, and the dandelions are appearing – welcome to May! IMG_4743

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