Hiccups, Horseshoes and Hands

We are all at the mercy of weather – and some of the awe-inspiring things it can do.   This week we have had the blessing of moisture, and the hiccup of cold all within a matter of hours.

With moisture, our seeded acres received a healthy dose of rain to help with germination.  Peas have sprouted, barley is already at 3-4 leaf stage, and durum wheat is at 2-3 leaf stage.


The rain drizzled for 2 days, amounting to over an inch.  Although it was very welcomed for crops, our calves suffered because of it.  The rain brought wind – chilling the newborns quickly, as the mama cow can’t get them dry fast enough.  We intervene at various points trying to warm up as many calves as we can, but sometimes it is not enough.  The heSJG-5578-weblplessness we feel when weather wins is beyond words.

We also were very excited this week of welcoming Serhii, our newest Livestock Technician, from Ukraine.  We look forward to working with him and getting to know him!  Welcome to Grant Ranch Serhii!

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