Building a new shop

During the past fall and winter we have spent a lot of time evaluating our shop area.  What will be most effective for our operation now and in the future; what’s needed for equipment maintenance and repair space. After many conversations, the decision is made, the shop materials are ordered, construction is on track. The frost has gone out of the soil where we plan to build and the site is being prepared.  First, site preparation involves levelling and bringing in gravel to create a solid base with good drainage.

Shop materials arrived on April 4 and the crew pulled in the morning of April 5. First, a water line had to be buried with a backhoe. Once the shop was up, insulation was installed inside.

This shop will help avoid congestion when trucks are waiting for repairs. We will be able to continue with other regular maintenance. In addition, it will provide more flexibility in the winter for projects. The shell is now complete; but the floor, electrical and heat will come later.

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