Spring Runoff

Water, water, everywhere. Living in the semi-arid prairie we always appreciate water, whatever form it comes in and how inconvenient it may be. Last weekend we received about 10 inches of snow. This skunk was exploring the change of scenery. On Wednesday everything started to melt as temperatures reached about 9 degrees celsius and by Thursday it was very wet.

We would like more of it to stay on our fields but the ground is still frozen. This means it is running off into dugouts and creeks. This will be useful for watering cattle come summer. But in low areas water is making great big mud puddles. We have been busy getting cattle moved from areas that are flooding onto higher and drier ground.


A long day was spent moving feedbunks and calves out of the lower pens, that were flooded by nightfall. It was time well spent. Cows have been moved the long way around (an additional 3 miles) as the creek could not be crossed in the regular places. Scouting ahead and finding routes was an adventure. And we are now driving 2 miles further to feed cows as the road has been flooded on our usual road. The above photo shows a culvert that has been been washed out, making the road impassable.

While we were checking out an ice jam that was backing up water into a neighbours yard, we noticed a couple of beaver that were also checking out the change in water levels.


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