Its a wrap

This years weather has been disappointing.  Limited moisture has meant crops are maturing rapidly and with less yield. The silage is chopped and covered, but it is a much smaller pile than last year coming from the same number of acres.  The majority of the hay is baled and ready to be hauled home. Again fewer bales, so less feed produced than last year.

SG7_9955-webSome grain crops in the area are being baled for greenfeed.  We will be feed testing everything to determine nutritional value. Will it make quality calf feed or just cow feed? Mature cows can handle a lower quality feedstuff compared to growing calves.

Is it enough?

We are counting the carryover from last year to determine what we have available to feed cattle this winter. To make sure that we have enough feed for our cattle this winter; pellets have been purchased and the trucks have begun delivering them. IMG_4124-webThis year’s AI program is complete. The first 2 weeks of July have been very busy. Looking to have combines in the field by the beginning of August if not before.

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