Honoring where we come from and teaching the next generations

Many have learnt their skills from their parents. In agriculture, this is particularly true as we learn to observe the land and animals for signs of health. This tends to give a great appreciation for the history of the land.

We are using the knowledge gathered from our ancestors, we are learning from the development of new technologies and our goal is to ensure that our descendants have more knowledge, more skills, healthy soils to work with and a regenerative ecosystem.

These images include 3 generations wearing a leather coat that has been passed down from Lynn’s Mother. We took these images in locations she would see from the house she lived in. The tree by the door, and the views in the yard. As we took these photos we enjoyed remembering the things she liked to do and how proud she would be of her descendants now. The fifth generation living here. Other images include examples of learning opportunities for future generations.


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In the bull pen Lynn is showing his daughter and granddaughter the young bulls in the winter pen. They are discussing the characteristics (pros and cons) of each. Family times spent together are opportunities to share knowledge, discuss ideas and appreciate each other. Together we can learn how to improve genetics, performance and how to care for the environment. The life-long journey to leave the world a better place.


Live, Love, Laugh, Learn and Leave a Legacy!

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