Shop talk: from summer frustration to winter creation

Machinery maintenance, preparing equipment or various building projects. There is always plenty to do in the shop.

Machinery maintenance is no small task when there is seems to always be a truck, tractor, or 4-wheeler that needs the oil changed or even a general tune-up. Replacing tires, brakes and clutches can occur in an emergency or that rainy day when being inside seems like a great opportunity to catch up on some of the machinery to-do list.

Seasonally equipment is prepared for the field or is stored for the winter. In the spring, we then take that equipment out of storage and go over it thoroughly to ensure the mice haven’t taken up residence and damaged wires that may now need replacing. All the settings are tested as seeding and spraying rates are precise. Before storing for winter we want to clean the equipment, so it doesn’t rust and set everything so that can sit idle for six months.

In addition, to all the machinery work the shop is also the place of various building projects. Over the winter, custom made solutions are built out of supplies on hand. New portable wind breaks, repairs to mineral feeders, new feed bunks, a palpation cage or rebuilding engines. While the shop is a place that means someone is broke down and needs an emergency repair in the summer months; it is a different story during the winter – it becomes a place of creative solutions.

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