A typical harvest day…

Sunday August 14, 2016

We are starting to combine the durum today.  We had tried a couple of times earlier in the week but it was too tough. Today it is dry enough. Jacques and Dean are each operating a combine in the field and Cameron is running the grain cart. The grain cart picks up the grain from the combines and transports it to the edge of the field where it gets loaded into the trucks. Nic is driving the semi today, hauling the grain from the field to the yard and unloading it into a bin, where it is stored until sold.

It is a sunny warm day – over 30 degrees Celsius, with little air movement – a great harvest day. The grain looks great, may be a #1 and wouldn’t it be nice if it is high protein, but not likely with the abundance of rain we have had (Official Grain Grading Guide). Of course that is why we are getting more bushels per acre than usual.

I (Sherri) am driving Deverick & Dominic up to have a ride on the combines for a while. There are buddy seats with seatbelts in each combine so it is safe for the boys and they are so excited to see the grain cart operate in the field. “Where is it? Can you see it yet? Do you know what colour it is?” I hear them say from the back seat. “Yes, I see it. Over there on the right. It is blue, just like yours.” Your’s being a toy at 1/64 scale.

IMG_1238-webWe stop to wait for the combine and even though they are anxious to get out, they know the rule. Wait in the car, do not open the door until the combine is stopped and Dad gets out. Then they are off, almost forgetting the lunch bag they lugged so proudly to the car to bring to Dad. They will have so many stories to tell tonight. I take some photos and head back to the yard.

A few hours later and I am headed to the field again, this time with the fuel wagon. One of the combines is low on fuel and I am the “gopher” for now. Fuel delivered, a few more photos and I am back to the yard. There has been a slight hiccup in the field, the hitch on the tractor pulling the grain cart has broken so Jacques has brought it to the yard to weld and Cameron is running that combine.

And so it goes……

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