Stopping to smell the roses, or golden beans…;)

There are so many things we have not halynn-IMG_4227-webd the chance to talk about yet!

Here is a quick recap. In June, Lynn got to meet Alanna Koch, who has served as Deputy Minister of Agriculture since 2007. This was before her appointment as the new Deputy Minister to the Premier effective July 1st. In the photo below is Prince Edward during his visit to Saskatchewan, Alanna Koch & Lynn Grant.

Sherri has been busy photographing Burrowing Owls at Grasslands National Park, and other wildlife on the ranch. The list of grassland birds that find safe haven in cattle pastures includes everything from endangered Burrowing Owls to Western Meadowlarks and Swainson’s Hawks. In general, the same good grazing management that supports sustainable beef production also supports good bird habitat. It’s a very mutually beneficial relationship.

In the semi-arid shortgrass prairie of southwest Saskatchewan we never take for granted the rain that comes or how it highlights this beautiful land. The rain has meant the wildflowers have been spectacular this year.


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